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Our Story

Some companies only exist because of a passion by its founder. Little One Prints is exactly one of those companies. In 2008 budding entrepreneur, Jill Sikkens, then pregnant with her first child, couldn’t wait any longer to have her own stationery business. She has always had a passion for paper- from wrapping gifts to sending postcards or creating her own wedding invitations, the intimate, beautiful nature of paper has always meant a lot to her.

Luckily, she had the support of talented friends to make her dream a reality. With the invaluable IT expertise of Matt Tuplin and the inspiring design vision of his lovely wife Kristy, they were able to create the perfect paper offering- beautiful designs, easy to create personalisation and great quality cards. The desire to deliver something unique and engaging to the online card market- to surprise customers with how easy and rewarding it is to create personalised stationery- has always been the shared motivation. They all believe in the genuine love and happiness created by stationery.

And the UK public seems to agree. Since launching in 2008, Little One Prints has grown to become the premier customised stationery company in the United Kingdom. This has been achieved, in part, by its exceptional customer service. As children’s stationery is such a personal product, Little One Prints treats each order with care and attention. Whether it’s providing advice on font size or amending a typo before a design goes to print, customers know their cards will be practically perfect in every way.

Five years on, Little One Prints is still completely UK based. Its team of designers are based throughout the country, drawing inspiration from different backgrounds, experiences and geographic settings. All of its cards are printed and posted in Central London, continuing a proud history of printing in the country’s capital.

Why we are different

Unique, fresh and modern products from top designers.

We work with leading British designers to create unique, fresh and modern products. Unlike most other stationery companies that simply provide a something-for-everyone offering, Little One Prints works with its marvellously talented designers to create unique birth announcements, photo cards, holiday cards and invitations in line with current trends and styles. Many of our designers work exclusively for Little One Prints and their designs are not available anywhere else.

High quality HP digital printing technology

All of our stationery is printed using cutting-edge HP digital printing technology, guaranteeing the highest possible quality prints. You will not find better quality digital stationery anywhere in the UK.

Easy card personalisation and preview process

We understand the importance of a straightforward customisation process. We have built a innovative set of tools for you to select your designs, easily drag-and-drop your photos, write text, select font sizes and colours, preview your card and approve the exact look before ordering.

Outstanding customer service

We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service, and our team is available to address your questions and comments at any time.

Little One Prints offers the perfect way for celebrating life and all of its moments. We are dedicated to ensuring ordering personalised stationery is a truly enjoyable experience- where making your design exactly as you’d like it is straightforward, easy and fun. We are charting a future shaped by modern, relevant and elegant design. Where every customer has a special story we want to help them share.

Keep up to date

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