Thursday 04 November 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

Imagine this... 

A large movie poster, 'The Newborn Identity', underneath it is a huge picture of your baby's face, and underneath that in the credits are your names as the proud parents (The Producers)... Believe it or not this method of Birth Announcement does exist! You might not be a fan of less conventional methods, but who else isn't just a little intrigued as to what other quirky ideas there are?

The likelihood is that at some point soon, a Birth Announcement Card will drop through your letterbox. It's a popular way to share new arrival news in a more official way, aside from the multiple phone calls and the status update on Facebook! But, what are the options if you did want to go about things a little differently...

Movie Posters

As mentioned above, you can customise to your liking, so think Top Gun.... Top Son. The fun in this idea for me would be in the changing and adaptation of the movie names. But then I'm a fan of words. There's nothing people like more than spoof pictures, it could be comical to introduce little star as movie star, but it does depend on how far you want to stray from tradition, and whether you are going for keepsake or humour. It is also worth bearing in mind that everyone from the midwife (Director) to the Nurses get a mention in the credits. (I'm guessing those who had more rocky relationships with their midwife might not be as happy about this.)

Music Posters

For the rock and roll, how do you fancy designing your own retro gig poster? Like the movie posters, they're fully customisable and you can design the shape, size and colour, essentially you can create a poster reminiscent of those posted on city streets advertising not-to-be-missed music gigs.

Seeded Paper Cards

The idea of the seeded paper card is that having enjoyed the card, the reciever can then plant it, and the seeds should sprout. grow and flower. I like that it's green and it's more than just a card that's binned and forgotten about. Planting the card gives it a new purpose and meaning. This is why Personalised Birth Announcements are so popular, but in their case it's the photo that makes the card a special keepsake. Returning to the notion of planting cards, I am slightly sceptical as to how many people would actually get around to replanting it. (It could be especially tricky if you live in a 6th floor flat?) Another thing I'm not convinced about is the success rate, how fast the flowers grow, if they grow at all, or, whether it's just like those seeds you get from the garden centre, the 'grow your own Venus Fly Trap', the ones that never actually grow!

The Seeded Paper Card has to be my favourite, a really unique idea that's a bit less gimmicky! I'm sure there are many other birth announcement methods, infact I am going to throw just one more into the mix, The Techie Birth Announcement.

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