Tuesday 19 October 2010 by Helen

An Old Wives Tale for every month of pregnancy! I'm sure there are many more, but here's my 'best of.'  And please take everything with an ocean-sized pinch of salt. Think more light entertainment than complete guide...

  • If you wish to have a baby girl, you should place a spoon under your bed. If you wish to have a baby boy you should face your pillow northwards. (So there you go, you can get painting the nursery and choosing what colour to make your christening invitations.)
  • If you crave sweets, it signifies you might have a girl, and if you crave savoury, meats and cheese for example, you can expect to give birth to a baby boy. (This is all well and good if you have a strong preference towards sweets or savoury. But if like me, one always has to follow the other, then it's going to make for a very deprived 9 months.)
  • If the heartbeat is over 140 then you will be having a girl. If the heartbeat is under, it will be a boy. (And then science stepped in! It was discovered that the sex of a baby doesn't affect it's heartbeat until it's born)
  • If your husband or partner joins you in getting fat, then, aside from making you feel better about yourself, the theory is that you will have a girl. If, on the other hand, he decides to pump the iron and the shed a few pounds, you are more likely to have a boy.  (Hmm. I'll take the snack-buddy and take my chances on that one thanks!)
  • Continuing on the food front. Apparently, avoiding peanuts when pregnant will ensure your baby doesn't develop food allergies. (Though this is believed by a large majority to be false)
  • If you are flat chested, you are unable to breast feed. Again, science has rubbished this and reiterated that breast feeding is about milk production, not size. (And, is there even such a thing as a flat-chested pregnant lady?)
  • It is said that a baby girl will steal her Mother's looks. So if you're having a lot more 'fat' or 'ugly' days than usual, it may just be that your soon to be baby girl is causing her first pre-world stir ! (Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that pregnant and hormones are all over the place!)
  • Getting fuller in the face? If people are saying - 'ah you look healthy' ie - chubbier, a lot, then this may indicate that you are having a girl. (On the other hand, isn't there such a thing as a pregnant glow?)
  • In the old (old) days, Mothers had to rely on dangling a ring over their belly to indicate the sex of their baby. If it swumg backwards and forwards, it was a girl, in a circle and it was a boy.


Photo credit: Via Flickr - Mahali

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