Wednesday 03 February 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

I think it’s actually been coming for the last month but it’s suddenly hit me that Baby Boy is becoming independent. He’s recently discovered that he can stand up on his own (with the help of the side of his crib). Watching him clutch the side of his bed, so happy and excited about his new skill fills me with a distinct mix of pride and longing. Proud that he is developing but slightly sad with the realisation I am no longer needed the way I once was.
And it has somehow made me wonder, does my mother-in-law feel this way when she looks at my husband? Of course adulthood is a long journey from infancy, but I wonder if that feeling ever really leaves the mother, especially for those who have breast feed their child. While you are going through the sleepless nights and endless feeds it can be quite exhausting but now I realise what a gift it actually was and quickly it passed by.

I think it somehow must be especially true for sons, where that physical connection diminishes with time. The odd peck on the cheek is a far cry from the hours you spent holding him in your arms....I have to admit. I’m back to work part time and it just seems to make this precious time go by even faster.  And I guess I just hope, in some small way, he’ll always be my baby.

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