Saturday 10 October 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

For us, picking a name for Baby Boy was never really a problem. We knew he was a boy from my 28 week scan and we knew from the scan that we would name him after my husband's paternal grandfather. Not for any "William Paul III" reason but rather just for the memory of a wonderful grandfather. So recently, when a friend of mind didn't name her son for four weeks I began to wonder how hard is choosing a name?

Let's forget about sending baby announcements, or even baby thank you cards. Let's just think about the simple act of referring to your son. I think after a day or two of having to say The Baby I would need to just pick something. Your name is actually a significant part of who you are – or maybe you become a significant part of what that name means to people. So I of course understand how hard it is to make the decision. But...four weeks?

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