Monday 22 November 2010 by Helen

I am only just finding my tweet on twitter, and I can imagine (perhaps) tweeting a Birth Announcement, most likely in addition to a more formal method though. It could serve as a speedy way of making the news widespread and venting some excitement! I'm not talking  fresh out of labour tweets, Sara Williams style. The Wife of Twitter CEO, Sara, quite literally broke the news as her waters were breaking! Birth Announcement is one thing, but I'm not sure about tweeting as an alternative to say a Baby Thank You Card?

These twitter and baby-related thoughts did make me think about other potentially tweetworthy and untweetworthy situations...

3 things to tweet about

  1. A not-to-be-missed social event, baby show, or sale.
  2. Tips and recommendations - sharing advice on parenting.
  3. Funny stories - a 140 character account of one of the many goings on in the world of new baby.

3 things not to tweet about

  1. The contents of baby's nappy - less is definitely more when it comes to these kinds of messy details!
  2. Arguments with partner/friend/husband or wife - Basically, personal snipes in general. If you want to hit someone hard, hit them with more than a 'tweet.' Unless, of course it is your intention is to irritate or launch a mass insult on all your followers!
  3. Hate or love. So that covers 'ranting about your job or boss' or 'revealing intimate details about your loved one.' (Or, your crush/boss/anyone you're cyber stalking.)

When to tweet

  1. When tired or hungover, because A- it requires so little effort, especially with a smartphone, and B - even the small things often seem a lot funnier when overtired, so people tend to be wittier in their observations!
  2. Whilst waiting for public transport - but don't just tweet about how many hours you've been waiting! You have time to kill, then you have time to think of something interesting to say !
  3. As soon as something springs to mind. Wait, and the moment is gone (often never to be seen again) and you'll think ' I had something really good to say earlier...'

When not to tweet

  1. If having a conversation with someone else - a tad on the rude side!
  2. If having a sleepless night - announcing this to the twitosphere will not help your cause (it's about as helpful as clock watching!)
  3. Whilst driving - a rather obvious one to finish !
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