Monday 18 January 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

As you know from my previous entries, I have always been a big fan of posted mail. Since moving away from home I have always loved the special quality of sending a hand written letter or note. One thing that I always try to do is have some generic stationery at home.  And, what better stationery to have for those random notes or thank yous than a personalised photo card.

Little One Prints has such a great variety of cards that their uses are almost endless. Recently, I wanted to send some Christmas gift thank yous, happy new year wishes and general thinking of you notes. So, instead of buying cards of each occasion I found one of my favourite candid photos of Baby Boy and used generic text, “A true friend reaches for your hand but touches your heart”, to finish the design. I am so happy with the result!

I love being able to share a new memory with my family and friends. And the fact that my photo baby cards fit with any occasion creates great value for money. By writing a personal message on the instead I can share specific thoughts and feelings, while letting the outside bring a simple smile.

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