Saturday 13 February 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

There is something about firsts. First Christmas, first word, first smile. So this Valentine’s Day we are excited to be celebrating Baby Boy’s first. Now, he doesn’t actually realise it’s his first, or that it is a special day, but I take pleasure in making it special for him anyway. He may even get to have his first taste of chocolate.
So when choosing our birth announcement it had to be just perfect because it was the first time our friends and family would meet Baby Boy. It was his first introduction to the world.  And it was so wonderful choosing the colour, selecting the photos and making his birth announcement another wonderful first.

Eda Le Shan describes a new baby as a dream of possibilities and I couldn’t agree more. The whole process of becoming a parent is a miracle. When that little angel finally arrives you truly believe anything is possible for them. Mostly it’s dreams of happiness- running barefoot in a green field on a warm summer’s day or splashing in a cool, clear brook – but it’s also so much more than that. It’s a genuine belief that they can do anything they dream of.

So when you’re creating a beautiful card to announce their arrival you want it to not only reflect your joy but to also celebrate the wonderful life this little person has ahead. It’s a invitation to participate in that life and make sure all of his dreams come true.

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