Sunday 16 September 2012 by By Jill Sikkens

The summer holidays are finally behind us. I say finally but really it all went much quicker than I expected… with the swimming lessons, football and the OLYMPIC SPECTACULAR this summer has indeed flown past.

It was only as I sat with the children eating breakfast that a very unexpected feeling came over me. I was just a bit (well, actually more than just a bit) sad that my eldest would be going back to pre-school. As we munched through our Shreddies, the morning traffic of little ones filed past the window on their way to ‘big school’. With another shock, I noticed lots of new little faces in the crowd. Little ones that only 6 weeks before had been causing mayhem and laughter at pre-school, were now very proudly clutching their new bags and carefully walking in their oh so shiny shoes to begin their journey into school life.

With a gulp I watched as proud shiny eyed parents took snaps of their brave little ones for that classic ‘1st day of school’ picture. To be used on greeting cards and next year’s family calendar I’m sure.

As I was filled with emotion, I vowed to enjoy this coming year, because I can see just how quickly time will fly. Before I know it Big Brother will be off in his very own shiny shoes clutching his very own Super Hero bag and I will cry - again.

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