Sunday 23 August 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

I have to admit it I really do love a good spot of TV. After a long day sometimes it’s great to just zone out in front of some house renovations gone wrong or my favourite episode of Friends. I’ll always root for Ross and Rachel. But, like everything else in my life, even my TV time has changed since baby boy has arrived.

I can sit and just watch him for hours. Really. Hours. Of course these hours involved squeezing his hand or maybe giving his foot a little rub but mostly it is just watching. I love to wonder what he is dreaming about and I wonder if he knows I’m dreaming too. Even after it’s taken me an hour to get him to sleep, it often takes all of my willpower not to pick him up again. Getting to know all about my little guy is so much better than TV. Who knew?

I think it’s the combination of his amazingly cute little baby fingers and toes and lips and mouth and ears. It that’s everything is so new for him, from taking baby breaths to feeling his arms and legs stretched long and wide. What does all this new space feel like? Does he know I’m same person he’s been with for the last nine months? And what is he thinking about when I catch him just watching me?

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