Monday 15 November 2010 by Helen

Whilst looking at some alternatives to the traditional Birth Announcement, I came across a few Video Birth Announcements. I thought I'd share a couple, one has Star Wars-appeal and one has cute-appeal...

The first is for the Star Wars fans. It's a bit drawn out perhaps, but pretty clever and it's definitely worth riding out all 2 minutes and 28 seconds of it...

This next one is cute, raises a smile and is kept to a very short and sweet 34 seconds! I think it's the choice of song which makes it for me!

I can see the appeal of a Video Birth Announcement, it's functional, but also a form of instant entertainment! It's a very accessible medium for the majority of us, given our technology-orientated lifestyles. But what about those who aren't online, the older generation for example? I can't assume they're not online, but it's probably fair to say the majority of them are unlikely to be. So in that respect the card-form might have wider appeal, there's nothing Gran or Grandad likes more than something to display on the mantle piece. Besides, you can't stash a video in the bottom of a drawer, rediscover it a few years down the line (covered in dust) and have yet another chuckle or ahhh at it.

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