Tuesday 10 November 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

I was shopping the other day and someone said “Only seven weeks until Christmas.” I couldn’t believe it. I guess it’s because of the late summer “heat wave” but Christmas has really snuck up on me. Usually by now I’ve actually pretty much done my Christmas shopping – except for my husband who I never know what to buy. But this year I’ve hardly given it a thought. This is incredibly cheesy but I kind of feel like now that Baby Boy is here, is there anything else anyone needs?

But, of course there is! A wonderful personalised Christmas card with his photo on it. The timing couldn’t be better. As he was only three months old when I made our thank you cards our family and friends will really see a big change in him on the Christmas cards. And what could be sweeter than a little guy wishing you a Merry Christmas in a Santa hat or playing in the leaves. Christmas is such a magic time of year and I feel so lucky we get to share in that childish magic this year. The sparkle in his eye is really something you only get from such innocence.

So this year, I look forward to giving all of our family and friends a wonderful keepsake this Christmas. Childhood passes so quickly and I’m so happy we’ve celebrated different points in his life with personalised cards. It gives a whole new meaning to Happy Holidays.

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