Monday 14 September 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

So, we’ve had a pretty cold wet summer. Apart from a crazy heat wave in July, I don’t have too many memories of sitting in the garden or wishing we had a swimming pool. But, even with our Nordic climate, should we really be getting ready for Christmas in September? Yesterday I was in Marks and Spencers and apparently they think the answer is “yes”.

To be honest, M&S has been my best friend since the birth of Baby Boy. Their “cook” range is the perfect solution to help me feel like a successful mom- a homemade meal every night  and not a pan insight.  Inevitability I need to pick up a birthday card, baby clothes and flowers (in the in-laws are coming ‘round) so it’s been a great relationship. But, when I saw the first signs of Christmas packaging on their biscuits I thought something wasn’t right.

I love Christmas and can’t wait to celebrate our baby’s first, but I don’t think that starting to celebrate it when summer is barely over is the right approach. That would be ¼ of the year spent getting ready for Christmas. Surely by the time December 25th rolled around we’d all be Christmased out.  Let’s agree that Christmas cheer, in the form of in-store promotions and packaging will only start once it’s dark before 5pm or fireworks for Guy Fawkes night have stared. Although, I may have to try the Santa hat on Baby Boy for Halloween. Surely that’s allowed?

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