Friday 24 December 2010 by Helen

Does being born on Christmas Day suck?

I would say the majority might agree that it's not the best day of the year to be born. A Christmas Day birthday is always going to be ever so slightly overshadowed! You don't get much bigger than Jesus.  

The main downside though, Birthday and Christmas just merge into one. Birthmas? The 'kill two birds with one stone' really comes into its own, and people double up on presents, cakes, cards, celebrations, you name it!

The Birthday Cake

'What Birthday Cake?' I can hear the Christmas Day birthday brigade say. It is likely you might get a makeshift adaptation of a christmas chocolate log or christmas cake. In other words, a candle or two, maybe a quick switch of the happy christmas decoration for a happy birthday one. If you are lucky enough to get a cake, there is such an excess of nice food anyway over christmas, the novelty of over indulging has worn off, and you're not actually that fussed about eating it!

When it comes to presents

You are likely to get a joint birthday/christmas present. People struggle enough as it is just getting their christmas shopping bought and wrapped, let alone getting birthday presents organised too. Supposedly the one christmas/birthday present you do get is the equivalent of two. It's an upgraded version of what you might have got as just a christmas present, more money has been invested, supposedly. I wonder how often this actually happens... 

If parents are as cunning  

Just like my Auntie and Uncle were, then a Christmas Day Birthday can actually double the present count. My cousin was born Christmas Day, and to ensure her birthday wasn't swallowed up by Christmas every year, my Auntie made up a fake birthday. July 10th, every year, my cousin has her second birthday. What tends to happen, is everyone goes to a lot of effort on both occasions, so it is win win for her really.

Anyone expecting around this time of year must be getting a little twitchy. And the usual Christmas conundrums, the wrapping, the preparing the turkey etc etc probably  couldn't be further from their minds! I wonder how many Birth Announcements will be dropping through letterboxes come the new year.

A Boxing Day baby

There might just be one thing that does suck more than being born on Christmas Day... Being born around Christmas Day. So either a few days before or after. Your Birthday is still as likely to get overshadowed, but you're unlikely to get quite the same sympathy, or have quite as much license to moan. Being honest, if you heard someone say 'I'm a boxing day baby', or 'I'm a 2 days before christmas baby' it wouldn't quite pack the same punch!

To end on a postitive note, if yours or your little one's birthday is on Christmas Day, here are a few people who you share your birthday with...

  • Jesus
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Sissy Spacek
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