Saturday 30 January 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

I have to admit it. My husband is actually Dutch. Now, he’s been in the UK for 8 years and I think he’s definitely adjusted to life as a pseudo-Brit but he is still quintessentially Dutch. And when it comes to new babies the Dutch have some of their own, very unique traditions.
When Baby Boy was born my husband's parents arrived a few days later with the most beautiful basket of gifts. Ten to be exact. In Holland, it's tradition for the husband’s parents to give 10 gifts to the family after the baby is born and the mother is meant to open one gift each day for the next ten days. It is such a sweet idea and a wonderful pick-me-up for those baby blue days. They also brought some wonderful blue and white sweeties to share with friends that came to meet the baby, which everyone enjoyed very much.

In Holland, when someone has a new baby they typically send their birth announcements the same day or possibly the next day. The cards are designed before the birth and the weight, date, etc are simply added on the day. And while you receive the announcement very close to the birth date, it is not common to include a photo. And it’s one thing my husband and I both agree on, we like the British birth announcements best. Wait a few days or weeks, get to know your Little One and introduce him. It's nice to not just share his name and birth date, but include those tiny toes or button nose.

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