Wednesday 20 February 2013 by By Jill Sikkens

What do you do when it’s been raining for weeks? All the puzzles have been completed at least 10 times, the play doh has seen better days and your children can recite a whole Fireman Sam script?’ Ask your children and don’t be surprised if they respond with ‘Daddy let’s go swimming!’

I’ve just spent the best part of the day clinging onto my children as waves buffet us all over the place in a most undignified manner (well undignified in my case – ‘Mummy keeps falling over!’). The thing is  - I really, really don’t like indoor swimming pools. It’s something about the noise, smell, lighting levels mixed with the humiliation of being practically naked amongst people I don’t know.  Add in a wave machine and well, it’s all over.

Now, I know this sounds a bit bah humbug but the thing is – not every activity we’re required to do with our children is necessarily going to fill us with joy and fulfillment. My husband, yes, he adores it. Me? Not so much….give me a football and an open field any day of the week. However, when you become a parent – you just have to get on with it.

What did warm my rather chilly, soggy spirits this chilly February morning was the stoic perseverance of my fellow parents bobbing around me. 9am on a freezing cold day ‘Daddy can we go swimming’? Why yes!’ 9.30am in tepid pool with crashing (terrifying) waves? ‘Brilliant! Let’s jump in again!’

You see we’ll pretty much do anything to see our children laugh – I know I do. I only hope that the next time we go (because I will have to go next week – I promised) I don’t embarrass my husband quite so much with my screeching and shivering. Maybe I can remind him that Caribbean is very nice this time of year…


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