Saturday 13 October 2012 by By Jill Sikkens

With the exception of friends’ weddings (to the utter embarrassment of my husband), the only dance floor in my life of late (read last 4 years) is the tiles in my kitchen, which I rock out on when no one is looking- usually to a 90’s club classic (put your hands up in the air!).

So it is with some shock that I have been out after dark not once but TWICE this week . I know – Crazy! When my son was very small I thought I would never go out again and, to be honest, I didn’t really care. All I hoped for was a night of unbroken sleep and, with the swift arrival of baby no. 2, the opportunity to one day lie on my stomach.

But life moves on and what once seemed like madness, (going out at 8pm? Are you insane?) is actually rather exciting. Not like the old days of hours of pre party prep (brushed and shiny and smelling lovely… sparkling heels that cost me a week’s salary) More ‘what can I use on this face that will hide the fact I had 2 hours sleep last night’ and ‘will this jumper dress really do the trick or will I just look pregnant…again?’

Jumper dress aside, it was amazing. To be chatting and laughing and drinking a proper cocktail (crushed ice and fancy fruit included) was somehow exactly what I needed. I knew I’d be up again (nursing) before I even went to bed but it was worth it.  I felt like me again and it was great.

I held onto this feeling when clutching my morning tea in the vane hopes that it would somehow stop the hammering going on inside my head. If you’ve just taken arrival of your wonderful baby but feel like you’ll never get out again - do not despair – you will go to the ball. Just remember these words of wisdom: pace yourself.

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