Tuesday 20 November 2012 by By Jill Sikkens

So we’re here. Already. The Festive season is twinkling away on the horizon…Or maybe more like cantering towards me with mad reindeer jingling all the way.

I’m not prepared. I am surrounded by random scraps of paper with random to do lists like… ‘Must do meal planner and corresponding shopping list’… ‘Order turkey from fabulous local turkey farm thus creating the perfect Christmas dinner/eating experience’… hmmm….and ‘Must make advent calendar – buy wood’ …really? Wood?

The truth is I adore Christmas. I adore everything about it. I am particularly fond of the twinkly lights which every room in my house (including coat cupboard) is adorned with as soon as it is officially OK to get the decorations out (in our house first weekend in December but tree not until a week later – however, carol singing can start from the 1st but NEVER before). This year I am going with the complete Christmas picture. Literally. I will be sending all my friends and relatives a personalised Christmas card with the wonderful fairy lights bedecked image of my family in matching Christmas jumpers. Perfect!

Last year I went a little crazy in my present purchasing. I think it was the lack of sleep – new baby and all that….This year I will be calm, I will be measured, I will be shrewd and clever with my purchases and my children will delight in them. Either that or I will once again panic the week before and do a massive order from Mr John Lewis. My own personal Father Christmas. Just don’t tell Santa.

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