Monday 29 March 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

This Easter we really debated whether or not to sending out Easter cards. As much as I love stationery- and I really love it- I just felt completely unmotivated. 
It seems like everyone in my family was born between Christmas and Easter, so it’s been a steady steam of birthday cards and wishes since the start of the New Year. Add to that the fact that there is a complete baby boom in our social circle- friends, family, colleagues, neighbours- and I think you can start to appreciate why I didn’t feel like going through the hassel of sending personalised Easter cards.

But…inevitably I just couldn’t resist. Although this isn’t technically Baby Boy’s first Easter (he arrived just in time last year) it still feels like a special Easter. And, being so far from so many of our favourite people, it seemed like a great time to send a little note. If we can’t celebrate Easter with everyone, at least we can let them know we’re thinking of them.
And, as always, it was meant to be. So many people have already thanked us for thinking of them and brightening their day. It was really a small effort to touch so many people. The happy images of a beautiful, smiling baby boy, framed by a sweet duck parade are the perfect way to welcome spring!

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