Wednesday 11 May 2011 by By Jill Sikkens

After days, months or weeks of trying there is nothing more exciting than finding out you’re pregnant.  It’s hard to believe it’s true. You look at those two blue lines and you keep expecting one to fade away but it doesn’t. There is a little, tiny baby (or two or three) growing inside of you.

And it’s amazing how quickly your body reacts to your new baby. Whether it’s those first queasy mornings or the first time you can’t button your favourite jeans, it’s not very long before you physically realise what pregnancy entails. While there are some lucky women who gain very little weight and actually don’t need a new wardrobe, the majority of us need a bit of extra space.

My advice is to embrace your new body and enjoy wearing some new clothes- even if they’re just borrowed from your best girlfriend. You need to look after yourself during pregnancy and I think maternity clothes are an important part of feeling good. You want to feel attractive and confident, while you embrace your beautiful pregnancy glow. Having clothes that fit and are comfortable is essential.

And, if I’m being completely honest, maternity clothes aren’t just important for the pregnancy. Those weeks and months that follow giving birth are a transition period and it’s nice to go back to your old clothes when you feel ready- not just because the baby has arrived and you feel you need to squeeze back into your skinny jeans. And remember, you can’t control all the changes with diet and exercise. For those of you breastfeeding, your new cleavage isn’t going away anytime soon, so you might not be right back into those strapless dresses.

We are so lucky with the great variety of maternity clothes available. From Top Shop and Asos to Chloe and Missoni we are completely spoiled for choice when it comes to looking great during and after pregnancy. So, use this great excuse to treat yourself to feel your best!

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