Wednesday 13 January 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

I can’t believe I’m writing 2010. A new decade. It’s definitely true that time goes faster as you get older, especially with a baby around. Looking back at photos from a month ago seems a lifetime away. I can still remember trying to decide on the best photos and design for our birth announcement, now I’m starting to think about his first birthday! It’s even stranger to think about the big bump I was carrying around last year...surely that was 4 years ago??

If I think about how quickly the last year has gone I definitely have visions of sand slipping through the hour glass. From waiting for the baby to arrive to feeding him his first cottage pie has really been like a dream. Luckily that dream seems to focus on all the wonderful, heart-warming moments and leaves out the endless sleepless nights and never ending nappy changes. It makes me feel so lucky to have experienced this crazy adventure called parenthood. And maybe even more proud to have survived it with my husband, because it’s a pretty steep learning curve- not just on how to parent but on how to share the responsibility and support each other along the way.

For those of you just welcoming your new baby boy or girl or boy, congratulations! Your life will change forever, but really, in the most wonderful way. For those of you 2-3 months into parenthood, having forgotten what a full night of sleep feels like, hang in there. Each day is a new day and one step closer to a more routine and structure. But enjoy those cuddles and watching your baby dream, because those moments pass all too quickly. And for those of you already enjoying first steps and first words, don’t forget to share the experience. Because one of the nicest things of parenthood is that we all get through it slightly different- which makes it all the more fun!

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