Wednesday 20 February 2013 by By Jill Sikkens

Going back to work. Going back to work? Going back to work!!……This has been the mantra like phrase between my mummy friends and I over the past few months. It must be the same the world over, these stages of parenthood, whether stateside or tucked into the corner of the home counties. If you have taken time out of work to be with your children in their early years……we’re all struggling with the same question – ‘When is the right time to go back to work?’

It is at this point (if you’re anything like me) that you will start researching …and researching and researching. Until you don’t actually know what you started looking for in the first place and your eyes have taken on a 1000 mile stare. Government reports, childcare professionals and general mummy opinion can leave you feeling exhausted and terrified before you’ve even got out your grown up shoes and you start to wonder what the point is.

Well of course there is a point – well lots of points – and it will be different for each individual mum (and dad). Whether it’s financial, emotional, practical or because you just want to talk about something different for a few hours (or as my very blunt, newly back to work mummy friend put ‘It’s just so nice to go to the loo on your own with the door shut.’) It’s about regaining a balance in your and your family’s life that will ultimately benefit you all. As modern parents we deal with a different set of challenges than even our own parents and for most of us staying at home fulltime to bring our children up is probably not a choice we could or would want to make.

It is incredibly hard to give over the care of your children to another but with the prospect of ‘Big School’ looming that is about to become a reality anyway…so it is with cautious, trembling steps that I totter out in my heels to the big bad world of work…I am rather looking forward to it. Not to mention a hot cup of tea and yes, you guessed it, finishing it!


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