Tuesday 25 February 2014 by By Jill Sikkens

I received a birth announcement in the post yesterday that really made me smile. It was completely not my style or taste but it was very much a reflection of the parents’ personalities. The baby was wearing sunglasses and “tuxedo” onesie on a card design that was more 1930s Hollywood movie premier than 2014 stylish birth announcement. It was absolutely perfect! Flamboyant, funny and over the top. For anyone else I’m sure I would have thought “what were they thinking” but for this couple it really conveyed the celebration of their joy during this exciting time.

But, it also made me think. While I love slick, modern design, clean backgrounds and a minimalist aesthetic, it’s important not to lose your own personal taste and style when it comes to announcing the arrival of your little one. Whether it’s choosing your own wording or selecting an unexpected picture, there are subtle ways to make sure your birth announcements are clearly from you. Here are some ways you can make your announcement your own:

  • Include a quote from your favourite movie, poem, song or quote

  • Don’t be afraid to try different font colours, sizes and styles and don’t forget to try different combinations

  • Use a candid photo

  • Set up a special scene. Ie Maybe love baking. Why not try a shot of the baby in the kitchen even laying in some flour (if you’re feeling really avent garde)

  • Make a couple of different versions. You might want to send a humorous version to your university friends and a more traditional version to your aunties

And maybe you’ll try all of the above and decide that you are actually a traditionalist at hear- which is also fine. I think the important thing is to remember to have fun with it and that you will really be making someone’s day by sending a heart-felt birth announcement.

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