Saturday 19 January 2013 by By Jill Sikkens

It’s hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone. As the 2012 becomes a fond memory, I’m sure I am not alone in feeling a bit tired. The hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations, the jam packed social calendar and the endless search for the ’right’ outfit somewhat tired me out…and that was just for the children!

But for me, once the wrapping paper has been cleared and the presents put in their new homes, it’s time to start saying thank you.  This is not a task. This is a pleasure, as I love a good letter! Give me any excuse for a thank you card and I’m there.  There is something utterly wonderful about receiving a hand written note that is worth the effort of finding just the right card, just the right words and ultimately taking the time to do it.

I’m not one for New Years resolutions but this year I do have one. I will communicate more with my friends and family. Not just on email and over the telephone but by taking time to send them a card, a note, a thank you! Whether it’s for presents, sharing time and experiences or just plain TA for being there on a cold wet day with a cup of tea.

What better way to end the holiday season than to take the time to let those wonderful friends and family know that their effort was appreciated, that they made you feel special and that you want them to feel that way too. There’s no better way than a personal note in your own hand. Nothing means as much.

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