Friday 09 November 2012 by By Jill Sikkens

In my kitchen wedged into 3 large storage boxes are the stuff of my childhood dreams…..Enough glue, stickers, card, pipe cleaners, paint, pencils, crayons and not forgetting the most important thing of all GLITTER, to start my own craft shop.

As a new parent I was very, very keen to do everything to enhance the experience of my new, adored baby. Much to the confusion of my mother, I would regularly sit with my 9 month old son and do ‘sticking’ (read: eating stickers). As time went on I accepted that I needed to wait a while so packed away my beloved making and doing purchases for a time when my son could actually get involved.

That time has definitely arrived. In fact for a while now we have been very involved with cutting, gluing, sticking and generally creating mini works of art. I have to admit there is a marked difference in the concentration levels and commitment to the creation in hand with my friends who have girls of the same age. Putting it kindly, my son presents me with more abstract portraits whilst the girls seem to be on their way to the Royal College of Art.

Nevertheless, it is all great fun and I have managed to relax enough about the inevitable mess that follows to really enjoy going for it. Making and doing is not just about creative expression –it’s a fantastic way to communicate with your child – getting an insight into their wonderful imaginations, while building their confidence and vocabulary. It’s just great fun!

Having said this, baby sister is not so sure. She seems to be sporting a new Disco style appearance as she is almost entirely covered in glitter. The Ziggy Stardust of babies. At least she isn’t eating it.


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