Tuesday 21 July 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

There are lots of wonderful things about being pregnant; getting a seat on the bus (most of the time), taking advantage of a few extra rubs and massages from my hubby and always having an excuse for ice cream (even if it means the middle of the night). But one thing I wasn’t expecting was all the wonderful surprises from friends and family that come with pregnancy.

Whether it’s something as simple as baby advice from my colleague Tim (who swears by Gina Ford but I’m not convinced) or an elaborate care package from the best mother-in-law in the world, the closer I get to 40 weeks hardly a day goes by without some little surprise. As I get more and more nervous at the thought of labour, my friends and family seem more and more excited about welcoming our little one. It’s great to share the excitement.

And I love saying “thank you” for all this love. Writing a personal note to say “thanks for making us feel special” let’s me enjoy their thoughtfulness even longer as I express. I hope that by saying thank you our friends and family know how much they mean to our little guy already.

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