Thursday 19 November 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

Why is it that seeing little babies makes me feel sad? How can I really miss that stage? If anything I am having more fun now than any time over the past 7 months, but yet, every time I receive a birth announcement or thank you card and see those tiny fingers and toes my eyes get ever so slightly glossy.

I know that part of it is the sadness that comes with your baby growing up and not needing you so much anymore.  While there’s a great freedom that comes with not getting up all night or being able to leave your bundle of joy with a sitter for a few hours, there is also a sense that your role in their life has somehow lessened- however true or not.

And for me, I think another part of it is, did I do everything right? Seven months into motherhood I’ve started to think back over the past seven months and wonder how the decisions I’ve made have affected my son. Was letting him sleep in my bed for the first three months a problem? Should I have used some formula? Did I cuddle him too much?

In my heart I of course know I did my best. We still have our own birth announcement on the shelf and when I look at it I see a really sweet, happy baby. And, I think that’s the best judge.  As long as I see that beautiful smile every day I have to believe I’m doing something right.

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