Sunday 10 January 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

We all need down time. No question about it, sometimes you just need 30 minutes of Hello! or X Factor or some other way to just turn off for a new minutes. The list of “to do” never seems to get shorter so I often just say, right, this is my time. The laundry/ dishes/ bills/ etc won’t mind if they have to wait 30 minutes.  Now that Baby Boy is on a fairly descent schedule (sleeping 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon) I can actually find a chance for some down time most days.

But, lately, instead of zapping through the monotonous channels of day time TV, I find myself taking the time to write old fashion paper letters. I recently discovered Royal Mail offers online postage- which, thanks to my handy kitchen scale- basically means I never have to visit a Post Office again. So, with a fresh supply of stationery and usually some personalised photo cards (because everyone loves to see a baby) I have been writing letters. And I’ve discovered it is such a luxury!

At the risk of sounding completely over the top, I have discovered a complete joy in the sensation of touch. Knowing that I loving wrote the words and carefully placed the card in the envelope and that my loved-one will equally, hold the envelope, wonder who it’s from and then enjoy the little note, has been just magical.

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