Thursday 09 July 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

I’ve always been a bit sentimental. Saving the ticket stub from my first West End show, treasuring the first birthday card from my, now, husband and keeping every birth announcement, baby thank you card and wedding invitation I’ve ever received.

But now with the arrival of our own Little One just around the corner I’m starting to wonder how to balance my sentimental side with what I’m actually going to do with all the little memories of this special time. Of course I’ve started the traditional scrapbook but space is actually quite limited. I haven’t found a place in it yet for the taxi receipt to the hospital. Perhaps the receipt is one token too many….

But, for example, when I look at the sweet messages inscribed on each card, combinations of best wishes and the inevitable bump joke, anxiously waiting to hear the birth announcement, I just can’t part with them.

Maybe it’s my attempt to freeze time a little bit. I know that these firsts will never be back again. My first scan, the first time I felt him move inside me and the first time we meet him. I want to remember every detail of this magical experience and if my collection of cards, photos, receipts… will help, I’ll always find the space.

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