Friday 07 August 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

I’ve always been passionate about post. I blame it watching too many Jane Austin movies and dreaming about the idyllic way love blossoms through the exchange of letters. Tearing open the paper, clutching the cherished contents. There’s something so romantic, so emotional about it.

That’s what makes post so special, the emotion of it. Whether it’s a postcard, baby announcement, thank you card or care package, it’s the warmest feeling to find a personal piece of mail amongst the regular bills and marketing material. It makes you feel so loved knowing the extra effort and the personal touch that it takes to send something by post. How nice to think about my friend or family member lovingly writing the card or note.

But (maybe) even nicer than receiving a card or note, is sending one, especially when it comes to celebrating milestones. I agonised over choosing the font for my wedding invitations and have spent every spare moment choosing the photos for our baby announcements and thank you cards. I am so excited to share our happiness in such a personal, beautiful way and I hope that the little extra effort of sending a card the old fashioned way conveys just how much love we are sending.

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