Tuesday 01 October 2013 by By Jill Sikkens

I know I’ve written about this too many times but I recently sent a little postcard to my family to celebrate my son’s first day of school and, judging by their reactions, I might have been the nicest card I’ve ever sent them.

To be fair, there weren’t any grandparents at the school gate when I dropped my son off, but I was still left with the feeling that my family really missed a special day. It’s completely cliché but the last 4 years have gone by way too quickly and then all of a sudden the summer is over, I’m sewing name tags in all of this clothing and then, he is a little man standing in front of me, ready for, but nervous about this adventure he is about to start.

Between my husband and I, I think we took about 500 photos, so it seemed wrong not to something more special with them than just post a couple of our favourites on Facebook. That’s when I decided to send a little postcard with my favourite photo, his school details and the date.  I was a very proud mama and really wanted to share it with everyone. The cards arrived last week and I received an email from everyone and my nan even called (in the middle of the night- forgetting the time difference) to tell me how handsome my son is (and how much he looks like our family).

And while the first day of school is a pretty easy event to commemorate, I was really reminded of how nice it is to share special times in our lives with a little card. I think there’s something about holding that note, being able put it on the fridge or tuck it in your purse, that really makes them feel part of it as well. And, that’s the real point. Even though where many miles apart, being close at heart if what’s the most important thing.

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