Monday 19 October 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

One of the hardest choices in designing your birth announcement, thank you card or family Christmas card is deciding on a photo. Black and white photography has become very popular in recent years and can give your baby birth announcement an elegant feel, particularly when the image is that of tiny fingers or toes.

But don’t forget that, especially for birth announcements, this is the first time many family and friends will be “meeting” your little one. So, while I can appreciate the dramatic affect of using black and white photography, I wouldn’t rule out your favourite colour snaps. I love images of baby girls wrapped in pink or of little boys cuddling their favourite blue teddy. The soft, beautiful tones really bring the moment to life.

Most importantly, pick images that are good quality. Images that are too dark, have too much shadow or aren’t in focus will let down your entire baby thank you card or birth card design. And if your card choice has more than one photo space, don’t forget to make sure that the photos you have selected work together – that they tell a story or simply compliment each other. Avoid using the same image more than once.

So while you probably love every photo of your special bundle of joy, take your time, try different options and make sure it makes your heart skip a beat.

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