Monday 22 February 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

I don’t know how planning Baby Boy’s first birthday has turned into a replay of organising my wedding. Okay, maybe not that bad but I am somehow stressing about giving him the perfect day when I know, logically, he won’t even remember it. I’ve changed dates three times and still haven’t finalised the venue (although I’m hoping my booking is still valid).

He really has a little personality now. When he is happy he is so excitable and funny. He has a big goofy smile and you can tell he is really enjoying himself. And, when he is not so happy, he also knows how to express that. So, even though I keep telling myself the party is more for my husband and I than the kids, my sincere focus is on making sure we see his big smile that day.

But it’s all the little things that I’m focused on- the font on his party invitations, which photo to use, making sure there is a matching thank you card. I doubt if he’ll ever be terribly interested in these details but there’s something in my mind that makes them important. We love him so much and even something as simple as a personalised party invitation feels like it has to be perfect.

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