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Choosing a name for your little one is a huge decision, and can be a challenge. It’s wonderfully exciting, but at the same time a little daunting. You could go traditional, classic, contemporary, trendy, or obscure. The name may be in honour of a family member or someone who inspired you. Family members and friends will probably offer up a few suggestions too! There is no right or wrong name, but what is important is to choose a name you love. 


Here are the UK’s most loved names of 2015



1. Olivia

2. Sophia

3. Lily

4. Emily

5. Amelia

6. Chloe

7. Isabelle

8. Sophie

9. Ella

10. Isabella



1. Muhammad

2. Oliver

3. Jack

4. Noah

5. Jacob

6. Harry

7. Charlie

8. Ethan

9. James

10. Thomas


… and here’s the predictions for 5 hot names in 2016.



1. Marni

2. Luna

3. Hettie

4. Effie

5. Delphine



1. Otto

2. Devon

3. Aspen

4. Hector

5. Flynn



Whether you decide on your little one’s name early on in your pregnancy, days before they are born or even days after, the good news is you can design your beautiful birth announcement or thank you cards ahead of time at Little One Prints. Just pick a design and compose your introduction text then simply save it into your account for later. Then all you need to do is add the name and upload a photo when you welcome your new arrival. Easy!

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