Sunday 30 September 2012 by By Jill Sikkens

Every now and again I am released from the homestead, detached from my duster and peeled from my children and told to ‘go shop’. I believe this happens when I start to grump every morning that ‘I HAVE NO CLOTHES’ and ‘WHY AM I SO FAT’ and ‘ I HAVE NO STYLE’. It is at this point that the big man (husband) advises me to take the day off and ‘go shop.’ He is a love.

You know how it is… you get your seat on the train, admire your tiny grown up lady handbag, apply some lippy, check your ticket (again) then after a deep sigh you start thumbing through the pics on your iPhone of the family you just couldn’t wait to have a break from half an hour before. The irony of it all.

Of course once reaching the shiny bright endless adventures department store it dawns on me. I have reached a stage in my life where I do not really know if a) I am a bit old for leggings, b) a bit young for M&S sensible slacks or c) should even be allowed in here. Am I a sporty mum or a bohemian momma? I just don’t know. All I know is I live in jeans, ballet pumps and the same two “trendy in 1999” jumpers and it’s just not cool.

Once the baby fog clears it comes to us all – the realisation that whilst we might not have the waist we used to have, we still have the desire for a bit of style. So in the end I compromise. My new favourite thing? Jumper dresses. Definitely the way forward.  They hide a multitude of sins and I find both fromage frais and porridge wipe off in a jiffy.

Of course the inevitable happened…..mummy outfit x 1…. Hysterical children’s Halloween outfits x 4. Oh dear best hide the receipt from the big man…….


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# re: Ready, Steady…SHOP!
Tuesday, October 02, 2012 9:49 by rachel jackson
reading this blog post has really tickled me, hilarious and so so true!

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