Monday 04 July 2011 by By Jill Sikkens

I think this year everyone is a bit confused. Because the weather was so nice in April, (my son’s birthday on the 8th has held in our garden) and June was so cold and rainy (two weeks ago my husband came home in his winter coat), it feels like we’ve already had summer. But it hit me today that this is only the beginning of July- summer has just started.   

But it has left me confused about what to wear in the morning and more importantly, how do you dress your little one for the ever changing British weather? I’ve gone from putting my son in vests and long sleeve shirts to letting him sleep in nothing but his nappy. And it’s even trickier with a new born. I think there’s a natural instinct that tells you they needs to be warm and in layers but actually, they need just the opposite in the warm summer weather.

To be perfectly honest, I’m partial to letting my son wear as little clothes as possible. We’re in the middle of potty training so letting him run around the house without his shorts or trousers on makes this much easier. However, the challenge comes when we have to leave the house. Birthday parties are the worst. I can usually distract him long enough to get him in the trousers but, inevitably, by the end of the party he has ditched them all together- along with his socks and shoes (somehow he doesn’t mind a t-shirt).

So, as we finish a day that started in the low teens, had crazy rain showers and is now 24 in the sun my plan is to just go with it. I’ve got a small army of cloth changes under the pram. Unless it somehow starts to snow, we should be ready for anything.

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