Sunday 14 February 2016 by Kristy

Welcoming a baby into the world can be the proudest moment of your life, and all your friends and family will want to celebrate with you. So why not send a birth announcement for them to cherish.


When to send

There is no hard and fast rule as to how long you can wait to send a birth announcement, but it is safe to say 6 months. Your friends and family will be chomping at the bit to discover the details and see a photo of your little one, so they would want you to send your birth announcement as soon as possible. However you may find those first few days, weeks or even months to be super busy, or you could just be too tired, so everyone will understand if it takes a little while to send out your birth announcement. Some of our customers at Little One Prints plan ahead and choose a design, decide on their wording, fonts and colours, and save it into their account before their baby arrives, so that when they do come to personalise their card they can do it much quicker. 


If months have passed and many of your friends and family have already been introduced to your little one in person and bought a gift, it may make more sense to send a thank you card instead.


What it should say

 Whether your card is formal or informal people will want to know your baby’s full name. Remember this might be the first time they see your baby’s name in writing, so if it is an unusual spelling they might refer to this again and again. Basic information like date of birth and weight are great, and some of our customers also like to include time of birth and their baby’s length. You should include the names of the parent and any proud siblings. If you are feeling inspired you could begin with an introduction such as ‘we are delighted to welcome to the world our darling daughter…’


Who to send to

 It is your happy news to share with as many or as few people as you want. As a starting point why not send to any friends and family that you think would want to celebrate your new arrival. Be sure to include anyone who has already sent a gift, even if it was for you rather than the baby. When you place an order with Little One Prints you also receive a e-card, which is a great back up if you don’t want to post to those who live far away.

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