Wednesday 19 January 2011 by Helen

Talk about early development...

A recent news study, in last week’s New Scientist, claims that a foetus might learn to see before it has even been born.  I’ve heard of unborn babies being able to hear music from inside the womb, but I was quite surprised to discover that foetuses can potentially see? I suppose it could be quite amusing to imagine what your unborn baby's first sight would be? Something original to write inside the Birth Announcement when baby does eventually emerge from their 'womb with a view.' (I just about managed to resist the urge to make this the title of the post!)

When I say see, I think it’s more a case of them being sensitive to light, not necessarily recognising shapes and colours!  I doubt very much that a foetus can make out objects or signs. It's thought vision might develop 7 months into pregnancy. It was Marco Del Giudice at the University of Turin in Italy who made this discovery. He measured the amount of light that could penetrate through to a women’s uterus and discovered around 1 per cent of ambient light would get in. This essentially means that if a pregnant lady was to walk out into bright sunlight, for the foetus, it’s like being in a room with the lights on.


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