Thursday 02 December 2010 by Helen

Snow-related photos are everywhere (Well, mostly on facebook.) The snow falls (and actually settles) and all of a sudden the most mundane objects become photographic; garden furniture, cars, benches, you name it. Even an empty patio becomes worthy of a photo!

I like that the news and weather always closes with a handful of photos, sent in by enthusiastic viewers - 'Rod from Kent in his back garden', or pictures of proud snowmen sculptors next to their creations. These images are all in contrast to chaotic news reports (just been delivered by the newsreader) of the country's failing attempts to maintain some sort of transport system! The image that always sticks in my mind is the gridlocked 'M25 car park', which in the snow becomes the 'M25 (long stay) car park/ice rink.' 

Out of all the images I've seen, my 'photo of the snow' is one of my friend and her little boy Joe, during his first encounter with the white stuff.

Black and white photograph of little boy playing in the snow with his Mum

The snowy weather provides a rare opportunity to get some genuinely wintery, picturesque photos of your baby, pictures that could either be used to create seasonal Baby Thank You Cards, framed and given as presents or just kept for the family album. First ever snow is a momentus occasion, enjoy the unique photo opportunities it brings !


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