Wednesday 20 January 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

I think it’s fair to say we’ve had a pretty rough winter so far. Okay, not when I compare our temperatures and snowfall to Alaska, or even Edinburg for that matter, but I think the “Big Freeze” description of our winter is pretty accurate. But, the last couple of days seem to be a bit more typical Britain in January and I’m holding on to the hope that warm days are ahead.

I actually don’t mind the fresh (i.e. cold) air and I love the snow. Our local park has looked magical these past few weeks. But, I do mind the hassle of trying to dress Baby Boy for the weather condition. It’s a tricky balancing act of trying to enjoy the outdoors while ensuring he doesn’t get a cold from being out there. More often than not when we get home he’s a ball of sweat because he was actually too warm.

So, while I sincerely believe the last few weeks have been a special treat in their own way, I am quietly looking forward to the return of Spring. Maybe I watched Bambie too many times as a kid, but the spring is the perfect time for babies. Everything is coming back to life and breads a natural enthusiasm, even in the deepest parts of a city.

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