Tuesday 14 January 2014 by By Jill Sikkens

I love and hate making New Year’s resolutions in equal measure. Part of me gets really energised about the idea of change and accomplishment. The other part recognises that, for most of them, I will fail in a spectacular way. But, it’s still early days so let’s focus on the positive.

This year I have resolved to say in better touch. My husband kindly gave me a birthday diary for Christmas. So, I spent the lull between Christmas and New Year’s going through Facebook and documenting whose birthday is when.  Side note- very surprising to learn how old people are. Girlfriends, you look good! I’ve already sent my first card.

But something else I actually found time for this Christmas was saying thank you. It takes so much time and effort to get ready for Christmas that taking on sending out “thank you cards” seemed completely overwhelming. That is, until I actually sat down at my computer to order the cards. It was so lovely looking through our Christmas photos and remembering that special moments that were already fading from my actual memory.

As I was drafting our card it hit me that everyone has that same kind of let down after the holidays. For all the planning and preparation it really is over in a second. So imagine how wonderful it will be for Nannie and Grampie to go to the letterbox and find a personalised photo card with two beaming grandkids in their Christmas jammies. Very unexpected and the perfect little pick me up for a dreary January morning.

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