Friday 18 September 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

While I loved the freedom of my twenties, the experiences that are filling my thirties - going to weddings, comparing baby bumps and helping friends move house – feel a bit more lasting. It seems like every week there are new announcements and more reasons to celebrate. Pregnancies, engagements, babies, new homes, promotions. I have always liked kids, but holding your best friend’s new born baby is basically surreal. We’ve come so far.

And the nice thing is that, unlike non-descript birthdays or leaving drinks, it never feels like “oh, another christening” or “another birth announcement”. These experiences become wonderful gifts in their own right. How did I get to lucky to be part of these moments? It is something really special to know that your friendship is more than just after work drinks or weekend shopping. By sharing some of life’s most intimate moments you realise the true value of friendship.

It doesn’t diminish previous special moments but does distinguish a new level of intimacy with those friends you know you will have forever. You actually realise who your true friends, those that you really want in your life and who really want to be there. Knowing love, the love of true friendship, is the best reason to celebrate of all.

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