Tuesday 17 September 2013 by By Jill Sikkens

I know I’m not the first person who has noticed that one of the best parts of being a parent is the fact that it many ways, having kids around really does make you feel like a kid again. When you put down the iPhone, turn off the TV and say “yes” instead of “no” you really see how simply fun their little world is.

Last night we spent almost an hour on the trampoline. There was mess everything in the house, laundry that needed folding, dishes that needed washing but, for some reason when my son asked “can we go on the trampoline?” I said yes. And I have to admit, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Because in that hour I rediscovered the true joy of parenting. Life is busy and for some reason it becomes harder and harder to switch -off. To take an hour and properly focus on your children. And when it was time to come in for bath there was connection between us that was more natural than it has been in a long time.

Everyone always says “time flies”, usually in quite a defeated way. Time does pass too quickly. The happiest moments always seem to pass too quickly but then maybe the point is to make more of those moments, not long for the rare occasions when they happen. This is, of course, somehow easier said than done. But, I think making little efforts is what it’s all about. I can’t commit to spending an hour on the trampoline every night but when the kids want to play in the sink after I’ve done the dishes or need help building the tallest tower in the world or want to play a spontaneous game of hide’n’seek, I hope I can use my “yes” a lot more.


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