Tuesday 04 March 2014 by By Jill Sikkens

Some women believe you can’t have too many pairs of shoes. (Yes, I am one of those women.) But since having children my new “can’t have too many” has definitely become blankets. Quilted, knitted, old, new, colourful, plain. It doesn’t matter. I love them all.

When my children were babies the blankets were scattered around the house; a different collection in each room. My daughter quickly found her favourite- that at two and a half she still carries with her everywhere she goes. Others were designated for the diaper bag or pram, one in the back seat of the car and another beside the sofa in case someone felt like an afternoon snuggle.

So, as my children grow up and the blankets are used more for fort building than anything else, I find myself naturally drawn to them for baby gifts. I recently found a wonderfully original, personalised version that I love. If you’re stuck for something special I definitely recommend frog+sprog (http://www.frogsandsprogs.com/) Just like a personalised greeting card, there is always extra special about giving a personalised gift. Something made especially for you extra special little one.

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