Wednesday 13 November 2013 by By Jill Sikkens

There was frost on my car this morning so I figure I’m allowed to be properly excited about Christmas now. It feels just around the corner.

As you might guess, I send a lot of stationery all year long. From personalised birthday cards for Nannie and Grampie to sharing my favourite summer snaps or celebrating my son’s first day of school it doesn’t take much to inspire me to send some cards. So, when it comes to Christmas I want to do something really special. I want to wish all of our favourite people a wonderful holiday season, while making it personal and heart felt.

So this year, instead of spending a week picking our picture, I’ve decided to include a very brief summary of our year. I have some friends you send a lovely A4 story of their year, which I love receiving but somehow can’t be motivated to produce. So, instead, I’m doing to use the inside of my card to tell our little story. The kid’s first time skiing, a wonderful wedding in Tuscany, that leaky roof that is FINALLY fixed and our proper Canadian thanksgiving.

We received one from a friend last year that did just this. It was short and sweet and completely perfect.  I might have to borrow her closing line – “Wishing you memories of a lifetime in 2014”. Because that’s the nice thing about Christmas cards, it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful blessings we had in the year just gone, while excitingly welcoming the year ahead.

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