Monday 17 September 2012 by By Jill Sikkens

Attending a friend’s wedding always makes me think of my own. Where does the time go? 5 whole years of wedded bliss…I love how 1950’s that sounds. In the past 5 years my husband and I have married, had a baby, moved house, moved house again, had another baby and moved – again. Nothing like a calm and grounded environment in which to start your family…..!

Looking back at photographs of our wedding day (I look so young!) I recall how carefree and indulgent our lives were. Crucial decisions like, what to have for breakfast or more likely where to have breakfast on a Sunday morning, were the biggest conundrums of the day.

This sunny September morning 5 years on I’m finishing the wedges of cold porridge from the kids’ bowls and sneaking corners of toast off their plates - but I would not change a thing. I am very proud of the journey we have had, making it through with the help of friends old and new and managing to still talk to each other at the end of it all is quite an achievement.

I have one wedding photograph framed – what with all this moving and baby malarkey I haven’t managed to get round to anymore….. This year’s challenge is to go through those wedding photographs and the 100s from the last 5 years and get them on the walls of our new home – that way when the going gets tough we can smile and remember what an adventure we’ve been on and what adventures we still have to come.

Next year – 6 years? Unless there’s another baby – think I feel a party coming on!

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