Wednesday 24 March 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

It’s a widely accepted opinion that men are fundamentally confused about “what women want”. But, believe it or not, I think it becomes even more complicated once that woman becomes a mother. 
Motherhood creates such a mix of emotions. It’s a strange combination of exhaustion and excitement, simple joy and complete frustration, unconditional love and unlimited worrying. With everything linking back to the fact it’s hard to balance your own personal wants and needs with everything you want and need for your child. 
You recognise that you need down time- having a break is going to make you a better mom. Everyone agrees. But, with that “break” comes such a feeling of guilt. “My mother didn’t have such a luxury”. “How does having pretty toes make me a better mom?” “How can having time for myself be more important than having time with my son?” But, with all of these questions and doubts comes the reassurance that everyone needs their own time- even your baby. 
Recharging is more important than ever. In modern, Western society we are bombarded with messages. The new TV adverts for Bing illustrate it perfectly. So, it’s not just a break from motherhood, but it’s a chance to digest the million messages coming at you all day. It’s a chance to breathe and actually look forward to starting again.

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