Friday 19 February 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

I never thought I would be one of those people who signs the card “Love Baby Boy” but I have completely become that mommy. I find myself writing thank you cards for playdates and pretending that I’m Baby Boy. “Thanks for playing with me today. I really loved your fish tank.” And, every time I do it I feel completely cheesy and tell myself that next time I’m just going to send a normal thank you note.
But, the next time comes and I here I am, looking for the crayons so I can write a thank you card. Is this normal? Is his sweet little baby talk making me completely sappy?  I think the answer is yes. He is just getting to that age where he is really expressing himself. When he is excited his hands and feet flap so hard I think he’s trying to take off. And that’s why the cards have to be from him.

Because, whether it’s Oma’s birthday or wishing Papa Happy Valentina’s Day, I can see that he has so much to express. He may be a baby physically, but his heart is filled with so much joy and excitement, that needs to be shared with all of his favourite people.

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