Wednesday 17 February 2010 by By Jill Sikkens

Yesterday Baby Boy and I had a wonderful playdate with two of his favourite girl friends. Yes, he is a complete flirt already! It was raining cats and dogs so it was great to just have a change of scenery and enjoy some new toys, while I enjoyed catching up with the ladies. And, although the playdate was very informal and relaxed, I still wanted to say thank you. Not because of any other reason than it’s nice to show appreciation- even for the small things.

And I decided, life is too short not to make those personal touches. Whether it’s a note scribbled on the back of a receipt or a personalised thank you card, I think we need more personal touches in this world, not less. Because let’s face it, we all get enough bills and marketing material in the post. When there’s something that doesn’t fall into those two categories it can make your whole day better.

It’s not a quick as a text message or email but it somehow means more because it’s not as convenient.  Hand writing the note, finding a stamp and taking it to the postbox all shows how important saying thank you meant and how important the person you’re thank is to you.

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