Saturday 19 January 2013 by By Jill Sikkens

When we first moved into our new home the first thing I unpacked were the many prints and framed photographs I’d put together before children…..when I had time for such things. Since then, our beautiful photo collection is stuck on stuck on our Mac, just waiting to be picked.

As inspiration to get the photos off of the computer and onto the wall I have found a framing shop to do something special with them. Always, always be very clear about what you want from a framer. Don’t be side tracked and keep fixed in your mind how you want your whole wall to look. Once the picture is framed it’s a costly job to start again.

I’ve also started gathering frames for the photographs. Tip is – whenever you see any frame you like BUY it – you will always find a use for it down the line – the sales are everywhere and there are some amazing bargains to be had. Search junk shops. There are still gems to be found. A bit of TLC and a new mount and you have yourself a very smart frame. 

The frame is actually the easy bit. The real work starts with the process of choosing pictures of the kids. I have a plan. I’m going to dedicate the landing and stair walls to the littlies. I’m not going to over think it. It’s not going to be in date order or by child or in any way too cutsie. It’s going to be about making me smile, because there are days when it can be a struggle!

So, I’ve chosen to blow up 4 BIG shots of my first child – so his whole face is in the frame. He looks so new. So beautiful and smiley. I have a set of images all taken in one session and the light is beautiful. Whenever I look at this picture I am just mesmerized at how gorgeous he is and they literally make my heart jump with happiness. It’s a good feeling. One I want to get on the wall. I’ve chosen a set of re-claimed dark wooden frames (found in said junk shop) and the contrast of old and new works really well.

As is the way with No 2 child there have not been quite so many photo opportunities….partly because she does not stay still, EVER. And partly because I had no spare hands to carry a camera. However, when I do catch her, she has the most ridiculous grin. This I plan to cover the stair walls – I’ve collected loads of different styles of frames which I think reflect her own range of expressions and faces. It’ll be a gallery of giggles.

So every time I am struggling to open my eyes at 6am with children demanding breakfast I can remember how my children are growing and smiling and learning…and not to wish it away too fast.

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